B1XCoach team goal is to help entrepreneurs, executives, corporations and individuals build their business and to assist them in making smart decisions to grow your business.

We are the experts that bring you concise, actionable insights and advice in corporate solutions, leadership development, executive coach, corporate and individual training, business strategy and assessments.  


Mission Statement

To provide the ideas, inspiration and solutions needed to help entrepreneurs, executives, corporations and individuals to succeed.


Our History

B1XCoach was founded as a resource for corporations and executive leaders at all stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Our site is focused exclusively on giving corporate solutions, training and coaching.


Our People

Michèle Valensi

As an experienced and creative Executive Coach and Trainer, Michèle coaching style is interactive, challenging and yet supportive.  She is an excellent communicator and draws upon a range of techniques, skills and strategies from management, Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness coaching, behavioral change and NLP.  Additionally, with Mindfulness tools she supports Executives and Corporations in identifying their core challenges so they can focus in-depth on addressing those challenges in a synergistic fashion.